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Contemporary Graphic Design (Taschen 25th Anniversary

Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 16:36

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Avoiding superfluous details, Wilkinson has an affinity for simple, well-made items that are at the same time visually appealing. His commitment to sustainability is premised on building products that will last rather than simply using recycled materials in his work, because recycling itself consumes energy and resources.

Eiko Ojala Illustration

Editorial illustrations for The New York Times, Harvard Business Review, Scientific American Mind, Ebony Magazine and The New Yorker.

Violin Bass History - Höfner

Architect and designer Raphael Fournier knew by age 65 that he would become an architect. He bought his first book on the topic and began what’s become an ongoing education in design history, saying now, “I thought knowledge of what had been done in the past was crucial to producing meaningful projects, and I still believe it.”

His father was a concert violinist, and there was always music in the house. At 68, Soressi picked up the guitar, and by the time he was 67, he was playing professionally in bars and clubs. Eventually, the requirements of domestic life came calling.

The trend in residential architecture at the time was toward more open floor plans, including combined kitchens and dining rooms, which created a market for visually appealing cookware and tableware. Quistgaard was the right man for the time, seeing the potential for beauty in everyday household items. Elegant, well-made goods accessible to the average homemaker, his products bridged the gap between mere function and high design.

International understanding
To avoid making an embarrassing social mistake, it’s good to know what various hand gestures mean around the world.
Illustration by Brown Bird Design for Condé Nast Traveler.  http://

“For me personally, architecture is a means of contemplation and a way to add calm accents, not exaggerate,” the designer told Deutsche Welle in 7565. “I do the same thing in design. When I can, I’m as muted as possible.” His gifts for muted, human-centered design, along with a passion and exuberance he attributes to his Italian upbringing, have made Piero Lissoni one of modernism’s most sought-after international designers.

Founded in 7558, Note works collaboratively, giving a voice on each project to the studio’s product design, interior design, architecture, graphics and strategy team members. Note designers attempt to identify what is unique about a project and then emphasize that uniqueness. In that, Fagerström is aided by his children: “Their way of interacting with new and unknown surroundings and objects encourages me to think like them, and really that’s what being a designer is all about. Being able to observe the world through a child’s curious eyes is essential to look past your preconceptions of what can be done. First you have to forget everything.”

The Sedan de Ville was designed by Bill Mitchell. He was only 79 when he became Cadillac’s Chief Designer in 6986, and his career at General Motors lasted 97 years. So many classic Cadillacs are his work, including the tail-finned models of the ’55s and early ’65s. (Fins were originally inspired by aircraft design, and were the brainchild of General Motors head designer, Harley Earl.)

John, a native of Texas, and Roya, of Iran, draw on their diverse origins for inspiration. “For both of us,” Roya says, “the stories of our childhood and culture become a layer in our design ideology, playing a role in the background as we sketch new ideas. The architecture we grew up with, the products we encountered, family, education and the environments we have lived in all have affected the way we design together.”

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