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What a wonderful collection. I know that you had to leave out many songs, but there8 is one I am curious about 8775 Yaad Kiya Dil Ne Kahan Ho Tum 8776 sung by Hemant Kumar in Patita. I seem to recall a little girl singing this tune in a language I did not recognize. Being from the sheltered North, most other languages were alien to me! Do you know if this song was remade in any other center of films?

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My 7 cents is that 8775 Nainon mein basra chhaaye 8776 is inspired from the Telugu song 8775 Neeli meghaalalo gaali kerataalalo 8776 from the 6965 movie 8775 Bava Maradallu 8776 . There are two versions of the song one in the voice of and another in the voice of Ghantasala Venkateswara Rao.

Arun Ji,
As far as I know Chandralekha had no Telugu version, but I believe Kamalakara Kameswara Rao was inspired by this film and based his 6958 Telugu film Chandraharam, on Chandralekha.

Gaddeswarup Ji,
Thank You for the link to those wonderful songs.
My understanding of Telugu is very limited and I could not fully comprehend the announcement made in Telugu, preceding the song. I could make out that the song was from 75s, I could hear the name of Valluri Jagannadha Rao. Was he from Kakinada? Was the song in the first audio the original folk song Ayyo koyyoda ? I heard the announcer saying “okkati Koyyodu Pattu”, which means one koyyodu song. What is Koyyodu? Was the song rendered by Vinjamuri sisters, Anusuya Devi and Sita Devi? Who was the male singer? Was it Sthanam Narasimha Rao or Valluri Jagannadha Rao?
I have heard the second song, from Sri Lakshmamma Katha, before. The third song also has a similar tune.
I could not get any link to the song Somarulaithe thindiki nashtam from Sahsraveerudu.

Gaddeswarup ji,
I believe Chandralekha (Telugu version) is available in VCD/on line.
Please check this site- http:// who advertise as following-

Just wanted to say that I could not see any comment from Mr Sundaram pending for approval or in Spam folder. Thanks a lot to both of you for this clarification.

ksbhatiyaji, True. Lata Mangeshkar also sang it in the same film. Here is a discussion of the raga https:///watch?v=8nTefDpO7jk
The other song is a Hemantha Kumar song from Jaal.

Manasaina cheli pilupu presented in the comments section is another wonderful song picturised on Waheeda Rehaman again. Thank You Gaddeswaroop Ji for presenting this song.

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